fourtone nudibranch

Godiva quadricolor 20-30mm

A white body with characteristic painted paired cerata with brown, orange, blue and yellow bands.

Where : intertidally to 15m

Feeds : anemones and other nudibranchs.

cape crowned nudibranch

Polycera capensis 20-50mm

Unmistakable white body with longitudinal black stripes and a crown of 6 golden/yellow processes around the head. An additional two gold processes flank the dorsal tuft of gills which are black.

Where : Intertidal and shallow reefs.

Feeds : Bryozoans of the genus Bugula.

orange clubbed nudibranch

Limacea clavigera 10-25mm

Pale white body covered by scattered club like projections with orange tips.

Where : Intertidal and shallow waters with large frond algae.

Feeds : encrusting bryozoans on large frond algae.

coral nudibranch

Phyllodesmium horridum 30-40mm

Recognized by the pair red or orange cerata with a translucent white stripe along their length. A white stripe runs along the head and cerata.

Where : sub tidal to 5m

Feeds : soft tissues of sea fans.

black nudibranch

Tambja capensis 30-40mm

Unmistakable long dark blue-black body with green blue outlines along the length of the body.

Where : intertidal to 10m

Feeds : Bryozoans, favoring the bushy Bugula dentata

white tipped nudibranch

Cratena capensis 10-20mm

Distinct thin white body with clusters of red/orange cerata with white tips. Two yellow 'eye spots' on the head are diagnostic. Colour of the cerata vary according to the prey species eaten.

Where : Intertidal and shallow reefs.

Feeds : Wide range of hydroids..

blue speckled dorid

Dendrodoris caesia 70mm

Variable body colour from pale pink to red brown with lots of minute blue spots and a frilly pale ruffle of posterior gills.

Where : intertidal to 20m

Feeds : mainly sponges

indica nudibranch

Anteaeolidiella indica : 10-40mm

White tips to dense cluster of short blue grey cerata and orange strip from rear of head.

Where : Intertidal and shallow reefs.

Feeds : Specialized feeding on the anemone Anthothoe chilensis.

cape dorid

Hypselodoris capensis approx 40mm

A distinct species of nudibranch with a white body with bold white lines down the length of the body and a broken blue/purple margin. The Rhinophores and the tips of the gills are orange. When disturbed the cluster of rear gills can be retracted when disturbed.

Where :They occur in shallow reefs and intertidally.

Feed : They feed on the light blue sponge Haliclona oculata